Sunday, April 24, 2011

Star Tattoos

An artist can use shading in creating a star tattoo . This method is often used for tattoos in gray scale as the variations of color are only made with a black ink, and the intensity of each part is altered with multiple hues of black. Colored star  type of tattoos can also easily be applied with shadings to give shadow or fade effects. On a technical note, this application can be used to give movement or mood to the elements of the image used for the tattoo .
What is more, star tattoo ideas can be found in many references like tattoo magazines , or even art magazines and books. The star as a well-known symbol can be altered accordingly while applying the theories of visual arts . The use of colors is also not limited to the typical yellow or gold, as stars may be presented in manners that are unique depending on the preference of the person getting the tattoo.
Also, there is the five-pointed star, when used in tattoos, is not restricted to the two-dimensional version. As an example, the nautical star, which is also a five-pointed star that represents the United States Navy, is a five-pointed star  that reflects a three-dimensional image by the addition of alternating shades or colors that resembles the compass rose on nautical maps. Usually, this star is used to signify affiliation with the said institution.


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