Saturday, April 30, 2011

Children of Celebrities

So many of our favorites were spotted spending time with their children outdoors.

Jim Carrey and his Daughter Jane

Danny DeVito and his daughter Lucy

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes

Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda

Ethan Hawke and son Levon Roan

Jack Nicholson with son Raymond

Jack Nicholson with daughter Lorraine

Jeff Gordon and his Daughter Ella Sophia

David Bowie and son Duncan

Susan Sarandon and Mayalls

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland

Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland

Dustin Hoffman and daughter Alexandra

Michael Douglas and son Cameron

John Travolta and daughter Ella

Andy Garcia and Dominic Garcia

Teri Hatcher and his daughter Emerson

Bruce Willis and daughters

Sean Diddy Combs and son Justin

Tom Cruise and son Connor

Glenn Close and daughter Starke

Brooke Shields and daughter Grier

Melanie Griffith and son Jesse Johnson

Lionel Richie and daughter

Kevin Bacon and daughter Sosie

Courtney Love and Daughter Frances Bean

David Hasselhoff and daughter Hayley

Richard Gere and son Gomer

Melania Trump and her son Baron

Melissa Joan Hart and son Mason

Tony Shalhoub and daughter

Michelle Pfeiffer and children

Jamie Foxx and his daughter

Lisa Kudrow and her son Julian

Diana Ross and children

Liv Tyler

George Lopez and daughter

Olivia Newton-John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi

Vanna White and children

Denise Richards and daughter Sam

Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sofia Coppola

Hugh Michael Jackman and his family

Toni Braxton and her son

Ray Liotta and daughter Karsen

Arnold Schwarzenegger and son Patrick

Sean "Diddy" Combs and his son Christian

Samuel L. Jackson and his daughter Zoey

O.J. Simpson and daughter Arnell

Gwen Stefani and son Kingston

Julie Andrews and daughter Emma Walton

David Beckham and son Brooklyn

Jet Li and his daughter Jane

Will Smith and his family

Anne Heche and son

Sylvester Stallone and daughter Rose

Kobe Bean Bryant and daughter Natalia

Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe

Rob Reiner and son

Sally Margaret Field and her son

Kathie Lee Gifford with daughter Cassidy

George Walton Lucas and daughter Katie


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