Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autoexpress published spy photos of the new VW Golf. British claim to have shot the car during the test, indicating that the vehicle was a mule for the upcoming model, with exterior identical to the Golf Mk VI, and completely new interior.

"Stalk mule, but when we approached we saw that the interior is different," says avtopaparatsite.

As shown in the photos, the new seventh-generation Golf will get a new instrument on the dashboard and a new center console.

Speedometer and tachometer are abandoned circular gauges fuel level and coolant temperature, emphasizing new, integrated as an extension of divisions, respectively, for speed and rpm.

Values ​​will no longer be displayed by an arrow and, LED indicators, such as innovation aims primarily to save space for larger display between the two major appliance, according to the information.

It becomes clear that the new board will be used in all versions of the Golf Mk VII - hatchback, wagon, convertible and Golf Plus.


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