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Have you heard about the Prince of Cars? Aha, it’s the Plymouth Valiant! This awesome ride is among the most admired sedans in the United States for almost two decades. It was initially launched as a 1960 model - the period when Detroit was reviving the small car segment. The Valiant received various efficient slant-six engines and striking stylings. Oh yeah, the Valiant is absolutely a sweet little ride that offers not just clean floor mats, but the best overall convenience, styling and performance.
The Valiant endured four generations, whipping famous alternates such as the Barracuda and the Duster and soon it was substituted in 1976 by the Plymouth Volare. The Valiant was also a big hit in foreign countries. Plymouth was actually a component of Chrysler during the early 60s. And here’s another trivia for all of you - the Plymouth Valiant starred in various Hollywood films! Yes it’s a fact! Check out the films below that featured the Prince of Cars:
    * Carry On Again Doctor (1967 Barracuda)
    * Duel (1970 Valiant)
    * Vanishing Point (1970 Dodge Challenger R/T)
    * Marathon Man (1970’s Valiants)
    * Christine (1968 Valiant)
    * L’homme aux yeux d’argent (1967 Valiant Signet)
    * D.A.R.Y.L. (1967 Valiant Signet)
    * Born on 4th July (1966 Valiant 200 Wagon)
    * Batman (1970’s Valiants, also Volare)
    * Jack the Bear (1962 Valiant)
    * Matilda (1961/62 Valiant)
    * Private Parts (1968/69 Valiant)
    * My Favorite Martian (1961 Valiant)
    * Cry Freedom (1967/68 South African Valiant)

There’s one classic car that has been my fascination lately - it’s the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro! From the day it was first introduced in 1967 as new model year on a brand new rear-wheel drive using a GM F-body platform, the Camaro was absolutely a hit during that era. At the start, the Camaro was advertised on the top 40 radio stations of the day so as to promote this vehicle to the young adult market.
The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with its share of perfect Chevy body parts was available as a 2-door, 2+2 seating, coupe or convertible with a choice of inline-6 and V8 power plants. The first-generation Camaro would last until the 1969 model year and would finally inspire the design of the new retro fifth-generation Camaro.
During the first week of July, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro has once again resurfaced… in the spotlight! What I meant about this is that the Camaro starred in a movie entitled The Transformers movie! I guess everybody have seen this awesome flick during the opening week! Yeah, I am one of the million fans who watched the Transformers on its premiere night! This movie is absolutely a blockbuster hit! And maybe is the movie of the year!
Anyway, going back to the Camaro, this car played a remarkable role in the movie as Bumblebee - the friendliest and one of the greatest soldiers of the Autobots. Actually, he was one of the key characters who brought color to the story.
Some scenes on the movie proved that the 1969 Camaro still got the power and the right stuff in it! After a hot pursuit and a clash with one of the Decepticons named Barricade (a modified Saleen Ford Mustang Police Car), the Camaro is invincible! Impressive indeed! But later on, he emerged as the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro concept car after he was called as a “piece of crap” by Sam’s girlfriend!

Porsche Cayman
Here's one of the first reviews of the new Cayman.
First Opinion
Despite subtle styling differences, the new Cayman is every bit as desirable as the highly muscular S. It’s just as good to drive, loses little visual impact and is sure to hold on to its value. The small performance sacrifice isn’t something every driver will want to make, but for Porsche fans who are on a budget, the Cayman’s lower price will more than make up for it. 

Timing is everything when it comes to successful car launches – so why has Porsche chosen to unleash its entry-level Cayman now? After all, the company says sales of the flagship Cayman S are double what was expected. Also, the model cleaned up at this year’s Auto Express New Car Honours awards, easily winning the title of the UK’s best sporting car.

However, Porsche claims that the base Cayman will only serve to extend the appeal of the machine. Described by the manufacturer as cheaper but no less thrilling, the newcomer aims to bring the car to a wider audience.

Boasting a 2.7-litre engine, it may be the entry-level model but, on the road, it has lost none of its bigger brother’s bite. And at £36,220, it is a whopping £7,755 cheaper, too – which puts it firmly in the territory of the Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4 CoupĂ©.

Porsche Cayman
Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayenne
Here are spy images of the facelifted Cayenne. Don't be fooled by all the taping on the back, if you look closely, you can see the adjusted tailights.
Our spies caught the sporty off-roader being put through its paces in Germany with a minimal disguise. And while changes to the metalwork have been kept to a minimum, buyers will still get distinctive styling when the big off-roader goes on sale. 

The most signifcant alterations are to the nose, where new headlights and a more aggressive front bumper, com­plete with wide-set foglamps, appear.

Another less obvious change with the nose is the increased overhang ahead of the front wheels, giving greater protection to pedestrians in the event of an accident.

Meanwhile, at the back, there's a fresh bumper, the lights are resculpted to give a sharper look, and a neat roof spoiler also makes an appearance.

Improved interior trim and subtle tweaks to the suspension to boost handling are also expec­ted. The high-performance SUV is set to hit showrooms later this year.

Porsche Cayenne


he Suzuki Swift has been an enormous success for the Japanese brand, capturing the same audience that Hyundai managed in the 90s with the Hyundai Excel, the Suzuki Swift has successfully brought Suzuki back into the Australian market.
Suzuki Splash
But how will Suzuki follow up the swift? With the SX4 making its way in June, Suzuki’s new model is expected to sit below the Swift. Currently dubbed as the Suzuki Splash, the new model is based on the swift platform.
Recently we reported that holden is considering a light-car, the new Daewoo Matiz. If Holden’s plans go through the Splash will go head to head with the Korean.
More details will be released at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However from what do know, the European made splash will have six airbags and an electronic stability program (as standard).
Suzuki Splash Rear
Suzuki plans to offer three different engines, two petrol and one diesel – no automatic will be offered, all variants will be driven via a 5-speed manual. While we can’t confirm if all engines will make their way to Australia, there is no reason to think otherwise.
  • One-litre, three-cylinder, (12-valve) 48kW
  • 1.2-litre, four-cylinder, (16-valve) 63kW,
  • 1.3-litre, (16-valve) diesel 55kW
Although the Swift is made in Japan, the splash will come from, wait for it, Hungary. Thats not the end of it though, Magyar Suzuki (Hungary) will be producing the petrol versions, but the diesel engines will comes from India.
Will the Splash enjoy the same success as the Swift in Australia? Will Holden bring out the Matiz to compete? The next 12 months are set to shape the light-car segment for some years to come.

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 Designing a car is an art and sometimes the graphic designers outwit the automotive ones in their own trade. The reason is that designers like Bruno Delussu (French) are never bothered about the technical specifications as to what will power the car, but simply let their imagination flow to create what pleases the eye.

Futuristic Bugatti Stratos Concept 7 Futuristic Bugatti Stratos Concept
Bugatti Stratos Car

The mesmerizing Buggati Stratos created by the French graphic designer affirms that it is favorable to let go the tech spec considerations to create a gem of a design. Bruno was inspired by the ever so beautiful Buggati Type 57 Atlantic and that inspiration did help him weave magic. Some design cues were also picked up from the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia (for the front end) and Raymond Loewy’s locomotive designs. I must say that it for the first time I don’t really bother whether the Stratos will ever make the cut or not.
Bugatti Stratos Car
Bugatti Stratos Car
Bugatti Stratos Car
Bugatti Stratos Car
Bugatti Stratos Car

Bugaati Stratos Concept Car
Bugaati Stratos Concept Car
Bugaati Stratos Concept Car
Bugaati Stratos Concept Car
Bugaati Stratos Concept Car
Bugaati Stratos Concept Car

Bugatti veyron
  Bugatti Morpheus Futuristic car
Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang
A Future Bugatt Roy
Bugatti Project Lydi 2

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ford has revealed the U.S spec C-Max compact MPV. Designed in Europe and underpinning the Focus platform, the C-Max will premier at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). 

Designed for young families, the long-wheelbase C-Max has an expressive, dynamic exterior that shuns conventional people-carrier styling. Optional equipment will include a hands-free bootlid (you put your leg under the bumper and it opens), panoramic glass roof, park assist, keyless entry & start, front & rear parking sensors, leather interior w/heated front seats, rear-view camera w/satellite navigation system, and keyless entry. 

On the inside, the C-Max sports a ‘5+2’ seating plan, with the 2nd row of seats that slide back and forth. For easy entry into the 3rd, the 2nd outboard seats tip-and-slide forward. The middle seat in the 2nd row can be folding to create a walk-through to the rear seats. If the 3rd row seats are not needed, they can be deleted on the options list. 

Under the bonnet will be two petrol engines. An entry-level 2.5 litre iVCT 4-cylinder producing 168bhp (170PS) and 226Nm (167lb-ft) of torque and a 1.6 litre Ti-VCT EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, pumping out 180bhp (183PS) and 234Nm (173lb-ft) of torque. Both engines will be linked to a 6 speed automatic transmission. 


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