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Nissan Will Check The Radiation Level for Export Car

Nissan Will Check The Radiation Level for Export Car



As the fear of nuclear radiation from Japan’s nuclear power plant in Fukushima Dai-ichi seems to be growing day by day, some automakers are struggling to assure their customers that most of their products are created far enough from the nuclear plant so that their vehicle won’t be contaminated by the radiation. Now, a report from Kicking Tires said that Nissan has gone further in this case.


Nissan is said to be doing a radiation inspection for all vehicles that they imported from Japan. This process will still continue until all the threats of radiation have been clearly solved. Although the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said that the vehicles which is destined for export has no harmful level of radiation, Nissan will still proceed with the inspection.


Nissan and some other Japanese automakers is trying to prevent themselves from any effect that may happened due to the quake and tsunami disaster. Nissan said that their current vehicle supply for the United States are only for 50 days including for cars, trucks, and SUVs. However, that number might dwindle, as their current states are only at least seven days worth of parts.

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2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 Having Great Tuning

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 Having Great Tuning


The growing model from German manufacturer keeps expanding today. Now Mercedes-Benz is coming with something familiar. You might already know that when one new Mercedes-Benz model has its debuts, it means that in a short time, the AMG version will coming along. That is exactly what happen to their latest C-Class Coupe.


The picture above is the new C63 AMG Coupe as their new C-Class Coupe which is aimed to be introduced at New York Auto Show. You can also name it the 2012 C63 AMG sedan unburdened some of its doors. The car has 6.2 liter V8 engine with its ability to bring 451 horsepower. You can even expand it into 481 with an optional AMG Development pack.


Those powers were transmitted into the rear wheels engine using a seven gear MCT gearbox. The car can run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 4.4 seconds, and limited electronically for a top speed of 155 mph. You can also expand it up to 174 mph depending on the dev spec. To accommodate the extra power, AMG also bring a better suspension, widened the tracks, boost the brakes, and sharpened its steering.

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U.S. Dealers Raising Price Due To Japan Disaster

U.S. Dealers Raising Price Due To Japan DisasterThe automakers now are facing the same problem in the wake of the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The problem is that they are already manifesting the company into a higher transaction prices for some Japanese cars. According to a report from AP, the U.S. dealers seems don’t want to negotiate in order to pulling down the sticker price.

Some automakers like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan were said that they have a sufficient supply of vehicles in the U.S. now. They said that those cars were already imported from Japan before the deadly disaster struck the. But now, if you have enough units of Japanese vehicles, why did you have to raise the prices?Some dealers which is polled by The Associated Press said that it is because the case of supply and demand.

They said that they will soon going run out of cars. According to a Toyota dealership’s owner in San Diego California, they have five units of Prius hybrids just like yesterday, and they still don’t know on when will they get another one? However, some people think that the dealerships are lying about their vehicle shortage in order to get more money.

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Mitsubishi to Carry Environmentally Friendly Vehicle on Lancer Evo X

Some moments before, we have a shocking news when Mitsubishi announce to end their production of Lancer Evolution after the 10th generation, now Mitsubishi has revised their announcement to kill that car. Mitsubishi are promising that the Evo X will live its life just like the plan, and will continue to evolve in the future. However, that might have another interpretation into a different direction.

Mitsubishi is currently trying to rebalance their need to move into a more environmentally friendly vehicle, while also not allowing their huge fan base  going to another manufacturer at the same time. That fan base has cultivated since Mitsubishi was announced the first generation of the car in 1992.

Beside trying to fulfill their promise to keep updating the Evos as well as finding a way to put this car into their new green line up, the automaker has also lowering the price of the Evo X for £29,699  in the UK. However, there is still no word yet on what will the new version of the Evo might look like. At least we got the word from Mitsubishi that they will keep producing the car.

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GM Shuts Down Their Plants Due To Parts Delay

GM Shuts Down Their Plants Due To Parts Delay
General Motors has recently announcing that they will stop their production at Shreveport assembly plant in Louisiana next week because of a parts shortage. This is related to the ongoing tragedy in Japan. That General Motors’ plant is responsible for creating the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks.

But don’t worry. GM said that they are already has enough vehicles manufactured to meet their consumer’s demand for the moment. GM has issued a statement about it, but they don’t revealed on which parts are being delayed due to that earthquake and tsunami tragedy. But previously, Kicking Tires has reported that both of this truck will be available on five speed manual transmission which is created by Aisin, a Japanese manufacturer.

Until now, there is still no indication on when will the Shreveport facility back to operations. Thankfully, there is no other U.S. manufacturing plants which will also be shut down due to the lack of supply from Japan so far, though some of them have slowing down their production a little. GM might better also pray for Japan so that the tragedy there will quickly resolved and their production back to normal as sooner or later their production will be insufficient.

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