Monday, May 2, 2011

In 2007 presented the Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro care, a forerunner of today's Q5. Interestingly, it was a homeless four wheeler, and this would never Audi marketing, right? Not speak too soon, for there is a chance that some markets do Audi Cabrio comes with an SUV. Good grief, they want the Nissan Murano crossover coupe somewhat competitive bidding?

Remember BMW as king of the made-niche markets, such as Audi this monster dares to put on the market than they surpass BMW in terms of who-is-it-in-hell-in-waiting-to models. And there were already rumors that Audi would be interested to a production model of this life light show. Audi USA sign Brit boss Steve ever did say "if there is enough demand, about 5,000 units per year, then the Q5 Cabrio limited edition production can go."


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