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These creatures are in hidden places such as deep sea or cave is very deep. The following animals are probably not the most beautiful, but they are the most difficult types of animals found on earth. There are top 10 animal species found in earth's most difficult:

10. Solenodon

Solendon are small mammals that originated from Cuba and Hispanola. This creature is very similar to mice, it has a long snout and tail scaly. However, Solenodon have a flexible snout as the inverse of a shrew.

Another distinctive feature of this animal is that animals are extremely poisonous. Solenodon are the only mammals that can inject their prey with poison snakes. So it is best to retreat if you see these creatures, because they will fall and then biting on top of your hat.

9. Kakapo

Kakapo are the only parrots that can not fly on this planet. While their cousins ​​travel by air, these species choose to walk or ride from one place to another place.

These birds can be found in New Zealand and is often referred to as a ghost parrot. This creature dubbed from disc shape feathers around the eyes. This parrot is also defined as the largest parrot weighing around 8 kg.

8. Olm

Olm are amphibians that come from Europe, mainly to be found in Italy. This creature has a long white body, with four small legs. At first glance looks very similar to a small snake.

These lizards spend their lives in underground caves. These creatures have eyes that do not grow and totally blind. Although Olm can not see it does not mean helpless. Olm compensate for the lack of vision with excellent hearing and sense of smell.

7. Bumblebee Bat

Bumblebee bat can be found in limestone caves, Southeast Thailand and Burma. Bumblebee adult length is only an inch from head to tail. Bats are grown with other features that distinguish it, ie snout that resembles a pig snout.

6. Ichthyophis Kohtaoensis

Ichthyophis Kohtaoensis is a rare amphibian native Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. This creature has a body like a long snake with a pointed tail.

This reptile has a dark gray body with yellow belly. One of the unique features that make this reptile is the fact that he has two muscles that control jaw.

5. Frilled shark

Frilled shark is a rarity in the animal world. Until the 19th century, the researchers think the animals have died with the dinosaurs. However, this proved to be true, as some fishermen had caught and also some of the discovery of the carcass of this creature.

This shark looks similar to an eel, it has an elongated body. Frilled shark has a triangular-shaped head with long gray body. Sharks do not have a large dorsal fin, unlike most other shark species.
4. The monitoring Del Monte

The monitoring Del Monte is a Spanish term for "little monkey". But the name is deceiving. The monitoring Del Monte is actually a marsupial that lives in Chile and Argentina.

Mammal species are considered extinct for more than 11 million years ago. However, modern explorers find this creature in the modern era.

This small marsupial has a rat's body with brown hair and big, pointy ears and long tail. The distinguishing feature of this animal is the large eyes and he lives in trees in the rainforest. This long tail helps it to swing from the branches.
3. Addax

Deer are very few types found in the Sahara desert. They look like many other deer species, but after further inspection they are actually very different. This species has square teeth like a cow. Also, the horns in this species is very long and curved, so has the nickname "Deer Horn Screws."
2. Dugong

Dugongs are large marine animals that closely mimic the Manatee. While similar creatures that are in the same family called Sirenia, they differ from Manatee.

Dugongs can be found in the waters of northern Australia and into the Indio-Pacific region. This mammal has a long gray body with paddle like fins to the head.

These animals look similar to the tails of dolphins. Also, this creature has a mouth that came out on the side and be in a position more turned down, making it easy to eat the grass in the vegetative life of the seabed.
1. Saola

Saola is by far the most endangered mammals on Earth. This creature is a native of Vietnam and Laos. This animal grows to about 3 feet tall. At first glance looks similar to the goat.

This mammal has a small tail and long ears. However, these animals have a very different pattern with the goats. He has white spots and lines on his face.


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