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Mazda Miata MX-5 Also Completed with Airbags


The Miata line is back again with the new Miata MX-5, still with the same characteristics which is light, small, and reasonably affordable. The exterior side is somehow changes a bit, though. The front part is now lower and emphasizing the larger and wider grille. The bumper on the rear is wider too, along with a side crease. The headlights are no longer plain and have shapes now and they’re also high-intensity discharge. And the tailpipes are made to complete the bumper look. The wheels come with the option of 16-inch or 17-inch size. You also get the option of retractable hardtop which enables you to have convertible look.

Miata is always small, but with only two seats available, the interior side is quite wide and spacious. Another interior features are the AC, leather steering wheel, leather seats with heating capability, and audio control. The safety feature is airbags (Miata always comes with airbags), antilock disc brakes, and electronic stability system.

A 4 cylinder engines of 2.0 liter makes Miata able to run up to 158hp along with automatic 6 speed transmission. When you choose the manual 5 speed transmission, it can even run to 167 hp. It also has dual exhaust, rear-wheel drive, and intake runner to produce sporty sound.

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Fuel Saving Guide

car fuel saving guide

No matter what types of vehicles you are driving, there are some ways you can do to compress your fuel budget for some extra distance. At today’s choking fuel prices, the following tips might help you to saving your vehicle fuel expenses.

1. Reduce speed. Reducing your speed may help you to save fuel. Well, indeed this is considered as one of the best ways. As your speed increases, your fuel economy decreases.

2. Check the tire pressure. Under-inflated tires cause more rolling resistance. In this circumstance you will need to burn extra gas. To overcome this, all you need to do is just purchase a reliable tire gauge. And the most important thing is that you have to CHECK your tires at least ONCE a month.

3. Check the air filter. Dirty air filter keeps a tight rein on the flow of air into your vehicle’s engine. If this condition happens in regular basis, this in turn will harm your vehicle’s performance and economy. All you have to do is removing the filter and holding it up to the sun. When you are not able to see the light through it means an alarm that you need a new air filter.

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BMW Z4 Came with Three Level of Engine


The BMW has decided to improve the special quality of Z4, especially in the area of luxury and comfort. Most Z4 coupe line comes with additional retractable hardtop and better, improved, and more spacious interior area. Almost everything is operated with automatic buttons. You can fold the retractable hardtop easily and quickly with a button. The interior provides more space for the legs and there are consoles and panels for gadgets within reach, making it’s easy and nice to have them around and operate them. The trunk is big and provides roomy space for your luggage and cargo.

Related to the engine department, Z4 are available in 3 levels: sDrive30i, sDrive35i and sDrive35is. The most standard one is the sDrive30i, with inline 6 of 3.0 liter engine, capable of 255 hp along with manual 6 speed transmission. It’s also economically fuel friendly. It comes with automatic xenon headlights and wipers, navigation control, leather seats, and sound system for CD player and audio jack.

The level above sDrive30i is the sDriver35i with twin turbocharged inline 6 of 3.0 liter engine, capable of 300 hp along with manual 6 speed transmissions. The features are the same as sDrive30i with additional automatic control for climate and aluminium trim for the interior.

The sporty package of sDrive35is has the similar engine like the sDriver35i, only with better engine capable of 335 hp, along with dual system for automatic and manual transmission.

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Fuel Consumes Friendly


In the previous article we have discussed about reducing speed, checking the tire pressure as well the air filter in order to reduce your fuel budget for some extra distance. Here are some more tips to help you saving your vehicle fuel expenses.

1. Go green! Instead of using air conditioner, enjoying the breeze through your car windows is a nice option. Using the A/C at higher speeds means extra expenses. If you end up somewhere with sweaty and smelly body, you can always bring extra clothing for a change.

2. Clean your car. Bring the stuffs you do not need from your car into your house. Remember, the more weight your car has to deal with, the more fuel you need to pay.

3. Simply don’t drive! Are you kidding me? Of course not! The idea is like this, if you can avoid or at least minimize driving, you will definitely save your fuel expenses. Then how do I get to school? The office, the hospital? You can simply take the public transport, the train, or the bus. Walking or biking does not hurt as well. Both to your body and money health. Each time you need to drive ask yourself, “How crucial is this trip?”

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Please Choose Three of Nissan Cube Cars

Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube is becoming the center of attention with its unique form, the boxy rear shape with the similar look to refrigerator door and the asymmetrical windows. It may look cute, if not quite unusual, but it comes with comfort for the passengers. The interior side is able to accommodate 5 passengers and still leaving enough room for cargo. The new Cube is also available in three models: cube 1.8, cube 1.8 S, and cube 1.8 SL. There’s even a special 1.8 Krom cube.

The new Cube also receives more improvement in the navigation system. The new one is using a Secure Digital Card along with the color touchscreen in 5-inch size. The navigation system is also able to get XM NavTraffic control and XM Satelitte Radio. There’ also USB connectivity. The color of the interior is Golden Ginger.

The seats are from comfy leather fabric with rear seats in reclining model. Another technology offered by Cube is that it has Nissan Intelligent Key with push button for ignition, Bluetooth phone system, rear view monitor, and iPod interface system.

The engine is fuel economy of 1.8 liter DOHC 4- cylinder producing 122 hp, along with Continuously Variable Transmission (CTV) or manual 6 speed transmission. The Cube outer look comes with front grilles, sills at body side, rear roof spoiler, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

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