Saturday, April 23, 2011

Canadian Woman killed when talking with his girlfriend in China via a webcam. Knock the distance, the man was not able to prevent the incident he had seen directly on the screen.

Liu Qian, 23, from Beijing was trying to escape when a man went into his rented room at York University Village, Toronto, Canada. In fact, it Qian liu time talking with his girlfriend in China.

Unknown perpetrators knocked on the door of this identity Liu room at 1 am, local time. "Liu opened the door for him. Liu seems to know the identity of the guest. On the other hand, the guests do not know that there are eyewitnesses who saw action in the distance wicked, "said Detective Frank Skubic of the Toronto Police.

Actors portrayed white, in her 20s, 6 feet tall and estimated to like Liu. Liu's boyfriend who was in China Liu had time to contact his friend who lives in Canada via social networking. Unfortunately, the police came to the scene of the crime 10 hours after the incident and discovered Liu had died in a state of half-naked.

On the other hand, the police have not announced the cause of death and the use of a webcam image of Liu's boyfriend who was unnamed for the investigation.


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