Saturday, April 23, 2011

If we were to make a list of our favorite new Hall of New York, the brothers Jaguar would be on top. But do not think for a moment that would LEAF RC NISMO hook just because your engine does not know V8 burble. This intriguing car set up to examine the aerodynamics of the new Nissan electric (and perhaps to start a new competition for cars with no emissions) has left us curious to know the LEAF award-winning sports skills, which after all , it remains a magnificent, highly sophisticated toaster to take from A to B without noise or emissions.

Its 109 horses are not much, but if you put in a new lightweight chassis and body is adapted to make the best aerodynamic performance, the result could be much more interesting than might be anticipated a priori to use the words "LEAF" and "sport" in the same sentence. Unfortunately, today's video is pure and simple graphics, which is not to deny that you take a good look if you want to fantasize about a drink-brand dedicated to Nissan's electric.


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