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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

Tattoo removal has become widely popular for various reasons . One major reason is that safer, more affordable as well as widely available procedures have been developed through the years. Then, there is also the increase in the tattooed population, especially among the younger people. It is safe to say, that proportionately, more people will change their appreciation of their tattoos and will seek of ways to get rid of them. Yes, there are many tattoo removal options now than before but a second mistake should be avoided by thoroughly understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.

Know Your Options

The first thing to consider is that each tattoo is unique, and the suitability of removal techniques should be evaluated against each individual case. The internet is a good source of useful general information that guide people choose the right tattoo removal method for them. For example, you will learn that many people try tattoo removal creams that doesn't often work. You will also be aware of the old and painful tattoo removal methods that are seldom used nowadays, such as dermabrasion, or excision which is actually cutting off the skin where the tattoo was inked.

However, it would be a good start to look at laser tattoo removal. Currently, this is the most popular method because it is considered safer, less painful and gives more satisfactory results according to the testimonies of those who have undergone the procedure.

Know More about Laser Tattoo Removal

Although laser tattoo removal has become the top choice among the various methods available, it does not mean that it is also the best for you. It is still a must to be really to understand the process before making a final decision to have your tattoo removed with this procedure. Make sure you know the following before deciding on the laser method to get rid of your tattoo.

It is painful, but because you withstood the pain while having your tattoo done, you can most likely handle the pain during and after laser tattoo removal. Anyway, you can choose to have anesthetics.

Do not expect a one-session treatment unless you have a small, one-color tattoo. You have to ask first for the estimated number of sessions that will be needed to get your expected result. This way, you will not only prepare the money but also the time needed to remove the tattoos.

Be ready to spend up to ten times over the cost of having the tattoo done. Tattoo removal costs depend on the size, design and colors of the tattoo. There are designs and colors that are removed only after two or more laser treatments.

You should realize that some tattoos, because of their colors cannot be removed. Another factor that affects the tattoo removal outcome is the tattoo's location on the body.

Search for a Reputable Tattoo Removal Doctor

If, after your research you decide to have your tattoo removed through the laser method, the next important step is to find a reputable doctor to perform the laser treatment. It is important to know that it is not required for a laser tattoo removal specialist to be a doctor. However, to reduce any risks that go with the procedure and to raise the likelihood of a successful result, it is best to choose a qualified doctor. So, check if the salons or med spas where you plan to have the tattoo removed employ doctors to perform the treatment.

To ensure that you will undergo tattoo removal by a qualified doctor, you should ask for the following information:

The medical school the doctor went to, including the inclusive years of studies.

The length of time or experience performing laser tattoo removal.

The other medical procedures performed.

The success rate in laser tattoo removal.

The medical concerns that you, the patient should be aware of if you undergo laser tattoo removal.

The estimated number of treatments for your particular tattoo that you wish to be removed.

In other words, you have to make sure that the doctor has been adequately trained to perform laser tattoo removal and has the track record to support any claim of expertise on the procedure. It is after you are satisfied with the doctor's professional credentials will you sign up for a laser tattoo removal session with him.

Successful Laser Tattoo Removal on Celebrities

In addition to your own research, you may also look at other people who have actually experienced laser tattoo removal. Chances are there is someone in your place of work, your neighborhood who can share their first hand experiences with you. Or, you can read articles about celebrities who had their tattoos removed. Some of these famous tattoo removal cases involved Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton, Denise Richards, Tommy Lee, and Charlie Sheen. .

Opting for Laser Tattoo Removal

Many factors have to be considered before arriving at the decision whether to finally push through or not with laser tattoo removal. Why should you want to endure the pain, the considerable expenses, and time needed to get rid of the tattoo? Does the tattoo remind you of your painful past, or of your youthful indiscretions? Is the tattoo giving you a negative reputation against your current status in life? Is the tattoo a source of embarrassment that you can't easily hide? In other words, is your tattoo something that you wish would just disappear like magic? The gravity of your desire to get rid of the tattoo will greatly help you decide to proceed with laser tattoo removal despite all the drawbacks that you have to overcome.

Alternative Methods

After careful evaluation of the cost, the inconvenience of subjecting yourself to several treatments, and the risks that you have to undergo with laser tattoo removal, you may come to a decision that you would rather find an alternative method to get rid of your tattoo. One option is to go for a tattoo cover up. You will have a new tattoo that will partially change the design or appearance of your current tattoo into something that would be acceptable to you. Or, you can just learn to accept and live with your unwanted tattoo.

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