Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roughly the same size as the W 164, the new M-Klasse introduces itself as a robust and natural evolution of the outgoing model. We'll see the first official photos and details in mid-summer, while the public showcase is scheduled for the IAA Frankfurt in September. Although the looks, otherwise elegant and mature, may not neccesarily be the toughest point of the car, the technical highlights will surely send the new ML to the pole position in the SUV segment: the W 166 generation will debut a new chassis, a more precisely-tuned 4x4 transmission and a clever assistance system that offers the best set-ups depending on the surface the car is running on. Moreover, the new modular V6 and V8 BlueDIRECT engines will power the high-end ML 350 and ML 500 versions; for those interested in saving even more fuel, the BlueEFFICIENCY diesel units will certainly offer the most efficient choice in the class. The ML 63 AMG could not have been skipped from the forthcoming lineup, no matter how many Green Peace protests will there be, and it will boast the forceful, yet frugal twin-turbo V8 capable of delivering a maximum output of 571 hp (or 557 hp ???) if the car is equipped with the Performance Pack. In standard specification, you'll likely get "only" 525 or 544 ponnies.

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Source of the photos >> Motor Authority,Motor Trend,Bild

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