Monday, April 25, 2011

2009 women’s short hairstyle trends


This haircut is short and very straight. She has a part on the side of her head where her hair is the shortest. Her hairstyle is very thin cut on one side midway to her ear. And her hair is longer on the other side with her fringe hanging softly over her face.

2009 long curly hairstyle from Alessandra


Alessandra always maintains a stylish appearance. Her hair is very long with amazing curls which can be  pulled back from her face to portray her gorgeous face. This long curly hairstyle suits her face perfectly and gives her a feeling of complete confidence.

2009 curly hairstyle from singer Kylie Minogue


Singer Kylie Minogue attends the landmark Grand Opening of Atlantis with her curly hairstyle. We have showed so many photos of celebrities who with curly hairstyle, and they are so popular. So I think those who have long hairstyles can change your hair into curly, which will be a good option.


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