Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Many events will be made for people to vent his frustration, ranging from screaming, to do other crazy things. As long as it does not harm themselves and others certainly are not the problem.

But what if the harm the car? By way of using a hammer to destroy it. Mirisnya, not just any car that was destroyed, but a Lamboghini Gallardo supercar that she was only 6 months.

This unique incident does occur and is performed by a businessman from China. Because heart disease because of being disappointed by Lamborghini in the country of service in China.

The owner of this car is known to destroy his Lamborghini Gallardo in Qingdao city, right in front of crowds. Unidentified owner is intentionally hire some people in blue uniforms to destroy these exotic cars.

As quoted from carscoop Wednesday (03/16/2011) The journalist and several people had gathered to see what happened.

Disappointment began when the man himself will improve Gallardo his sudden death and can not be turned on. Finally, the man brought his car to the authorized repair shop for repair.

Instead of a car's condition better, it turns out the car remains problematic on the engine. Not quite up there, the peak occurs because of irritation, front bumper and a car chassis instead damaged by the process of transportation to the workshop that is not good.

Unfortunately, the official Lamborghini garage will not be responsible for the problem. Finally, consumer rights on the very day the world that fell on March 15, the entrepreneur damaging the supercars in public as a form of protest.


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